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1An Introduction to Admins and Mods Empty An Introduction to Admins and Mods on Tue May 08, 2012 2:19 pm


  • Erin Flaaen
    Username: Eflaaen
    Position: Dictator
    Major: English with a concentration in literature
    Minors: French and Psychology
    Current number of characters: 67(!!)
    Likes: Writing, Reading, Author Stalking, Ziplining, Penguins named Bob, Black Cats

  • Danielle
    Username: TheCodeGhost
    Position: Code Monkey/Lurker
    Major: Computer Science
    Minor: Psychology
    Current Programming Languages: Java, Javascript, and a teensy bit of Ajax
    Like: Computers (Programming), Math, being indecisive with Erin, elephants

    Rachel Hanville
    Username: AZombieAteMyShoelace
    Position: Slave Driver
    Degree: B.A. with minors in English and History
    Likes: The Mariners, Writing, Reading,
    other things
    Number of Characters: 50 something


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