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1General Info and Rules Empty General Info and Rules on Tue May 08, 2012 2:54 pm


1. We don't bite.

We swear we don't. We're all looking forward to meeting new members, so don't be afraid to stop by chat and say hello. There might be a lot of us, and it might be hard to keep up at first, but we promise you'll get the hang of it eventually, and you'll be happy you did. Don’t be shy! We love new people!

2. There are a lot of us.

Twenty doesn't sound like that big of a number, but over twenty members with most members having between twenty and fifty characters adds up quickly. There are literally hundreds of characters running around our beloved group, and you'll have the chance to meet them all. Just take your time, ask questions and try not to get overwhelmed. If you get confused, we’re always happy to explain.

3. Lots of characters, lots of models.

With the hundreds of characters there is also a lot of model hunting that goes on. We have a kind of system: before you use a model for a character, its common courtesy to ask ahead of time if that model is being used by another member. You can do this in the Author Chit-Chat forum. There is a sticky thread for this very purpose. We try our best to have no two characters with the same model in the same author group, (unless we're talking twins by the same author, of course), but if push comes to shove, some of us are willing to share or compromise, especially when it comes to minor characters or characters who won’t be around for long. With new members, we understand this could be a hassle, but the veterans of The Multiverse have become model hunting ninjas and are more than willing to help you find the perfect model for your character. We have sites upon sites and methods to use, so don't hesitate to ask for our assistance and please ask before using a model. We ask that you try not to use the same model as someone else in your writer group, lest confusion ensue.

4. That said, you will, at some point or another, accidentally use the same model as someone else, or ask to use a model that’s taken.

You will. We all have. Most of us more than once. The best solution? Laugh it off and look for another one, unless the other member says they don’t mind or are willing to change theirs instead. We like to avoid fights and confrontations. If we’re polite, and you’re polite, we usually have no problems.

5. We don't bite, but our characters do.

All kinds of characters live here. We have humans, angels, demons, werewolves, mobsters, transsexuals, vampires, cannibals, serial killers, mermaids, Nazis, Lola, dolls, aliens, priests, kappas, rapists, murderers, thieves, adorable children, fairies, lawyers, doctors, kidnappers, gay men, gay women, ghosts, spirits, Komodo dragons, wolves, 80s punks, teachers, stuffed animals and so, so many others. You name it, we probably have it. Our characters will interact with yours. That's what roleplaying is all about. We have battles, kidnappings, rescues and so many other things between our stories that we lose track sometimes. At some point your characters are bound to get caught in the crossfire. Don’t be afraid to interact with these new characters and get to know them!

6. Our characters won’t kill your characters.

But they’re going to try to. Don’t be worried or afraid if a cannibal comes up to your character and asks for a spare limb, if your character is shot at, if your characters are relentlessly hit on (which isn’t deadly, but you get the point), if your character is kidnapped, if an army of angry teenagers with powers comes and tries to stab you, or any of the other strange scenarios we’ve run across or will run across. If you don’t want your characters hurt, (but where’s the fun in that?), just let us know, and we’ll have our characters back off. If your character is injured, we have plenty of doctors and nurses around to fix them right up. Don’t be alarmed, just join in the fun! Have your characters make friends and enemies!

7. Parental Discretion is advised.

No, not really. But, if you’re squeamish, easily offended or touchy about certain subjects, you might want to beware. The age range for most of our members is generally about 16 to about 26, though we do have some younger and some older. There’s violence between characters, we exchange cannibalistic recipes, and some of our antagonists aren’t people you’d want to meet in a dark alley. There’s sex and drugs (and rock and roll), and although a lot of the heavier sexual things are contained in an 18+ group, there is mild sexual content. We don’t go out of our way to offend people, and though our beliefs differ, we usually get along. Our characters in no way express our personal views or ideas, and we won’t think that way of yours either.

More Info about the 18+ group:
In order to access the 18+ group, you must fill your name into the following statement and send the message to eflaaen. In this message, please also include the character accounts you would like added to this group. Once she has received the message, the R-rated room should appear under your Societies category within a day.

Copy and paste the following into a message, fill in your name, and pm it:
I,_____________, acknowledge, by sending this message, that I am eighteen years of age. I understand that the forum is moderated and that graphic images and videos are not permitted. I also acknowledge that, outside of this, content is not restricted, and those in charge of the website are not responsible for any of the information posted in this forum. I do not hold the site and its staff responsible for my region’s laws and policies on what types of posts may be permitted. I also understand that the website administrators reserve the right to change entrance policies to this forum at any time.

8. Be Immature.

We like to have fun. Though a lot of us do run through our personal plots, we also do crazy things with other members’ characters. Our characters throw parties, sell people pies, and have torrid affairs with one another. There are pageants and award shows. They hire assassins to do their dirty work and kidnap each other’s children. Join in the fun! Help rescue a kidnapee, enter a character in a pageant and aim high for awards!

9. Be Mature.

Odds are, since this is the internet and we’re all people, there are going to be disagreements over something or another. If you have a problem with another author, it’s best to take it up in private messages and try to sort things out. You’re free to add characters you do not want to interact with to your character’s enemy list or request transfer to a different group, (contact one of the admins if you decide this is necessary). We all try to get along here, and we’ve gotten very close over the time we’ve been here. We hope that you’ll make as many friends as we have.

10. We are weird. We are a community. We are a weird community.

You’ve probably realized that by now, but given that you’re an author, you’re probably weird too. If you feel like you’re our particular brand of weird, give us a shot and see what happens! We’re always looking for new members. Refer people to us, bring your friends in real life or the internet, make some accounts and start interacting! Like we said, we love new people, writing and characters. The only thing we love as much as each other’s characters is meeting new ones. Post chapters and short stories, and read the ones we post—we’ll get to know each other faster, and we’re willing to help you if you get stuck. Not sure how to kill a character? Deciding on an eye color? Ask! We’re a community, and we love each other. We’re sure we’ll love you too.

11. Have an issue with someone? Please Keep Things Civil.

We know that we're all human and that we can't always get along with each other, and we don't expect everyone to. Please, though, if you have a problem with someone, refrain from name-calling or attacking them in chat or PMs. Most issues can be solved by simply talking to the person and letting them know what has been bothering you. If you are angry, you may also want to log out of chat for a little while and think about the situation before acting. This can save a lot of frustration for everyone involved, including you. If nothing can be resolved, as stated above, you can add characters to your enemy list or request a group transfer. In the mean time, know that attacking other users in chat, the forums, or PMs, could result in your characters being blocked from certain areas or the site in general. We all try to get along here, and we know that disagreements will happen, but outright attacking of other users is not helpful and will not be tolerated.

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