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Welcome to the Multiverse!

What is this place?
We are a roleplaying website exclusively for writers.

What exactly does this mean, and how are you different from other rping sites?
We offer you the opportunity to roleplay your own pieces with your own characters in a community of aspiring writers. We also offer sections to post your work for review by other writers and a group chat for all involved.

How is this useful?
Roleplaying with your own characters is often a great way to develop their personalities and your plots. Your characters will also be given the opportunity to interact with characters from other stories, and by doing this, you will be able to see how they might react when confronted with a demon/dragon/beauty contest winner/racecar driver/etc. You might just learn something about them and find new ideas for your stories!

How do I get started?
Register your first account. Usernames can be changed later, so you can always change your mind after you create your first account. Then, after our admins have activated your account, (there are three of us, so it should not take longer than a few hours to be activated, except possibly if you register in the middle of the night), you can explore. We suggest that each person begin by creating an author account, that way other users can associate you with your characters.

What’s the difference between an author account and a character account?
You create both accounts by registering in the same way. The difference is that the character accounts will be the ones you roleplay with, and obviously, they will have your name listed in their “Author” profile field. We suggest having the username for your character’s accounts be your character’s name, that way they can easily be identified in roleplays.

How do I create more than one character?
You will need a different account for each character. There are some ways to make this easier, though. One, with our system, you will need at least two email addresses, but you do not need more than that. Once you have created an account, you can manually change the email address for that account to the same email address as your other accounts. You only need the second email address for creating new accounts. Then, all your accounts can be converted to your central email account. Note that you can also create separate email accounts for each character. It is up to you.

What exactly are all these categories? How do I get a Novel-Specific RP forum?
We have many different categories. The most important is the Novel-Specific RP area. These are where the main roleplaying takes place. Each author has their own area to roleplay in for each of their books. If you decide you like what you see and would like to start causing mayhem yourself, you can go to theRequest a Novel-Specific RP forum and post your request. Most of the time, your forum will be up within a day.

Wait, each author gets their own forum? Won’t that get confusing and/or extensive?
As we grow, it will, obviously, not be possible for every writer to see every forum. Thus, when you begin, you will select to join one of our groups of twenty or so writers. You will see their Novel Specific-RP forums and posts. This way, the authors roleplaying together can get to know each other, no one’s posts will be lost amid other posts, and more can be accomplished.

What about the societies? What are they?
These are groups started by the writers for different types of characters to post in. Read the description and see where your characters fit, or maybe have a character who doesn’t fit crash the party. If you have a suggestion for a society you are welcome to leave it here, and the moderators and/or administrators will review it and possibly add it in the near future.

What do I do now?
Waiting for your forum to be created or just registered your first account? Why not join in with some of the other roleplays or read our rules and general info? You can also set up your profile and load an avatar for your character. The purpose of this website is to allow you to roleplay with your characters and for other writers to get to meet your characters, too. In order to get attention drawn to your own roleplays, you may want to have your characters introduce themselves to others. There are plenty of interesting, insane, nice, and possibly high characters running around here, and they would all be glad to meet your characters.

What is the chat?
At the bottom of the home page is Author Chat. Here the authors can converse freely about whatever they like. Feel free to jump in and introduce yourself. We don’t bite! Promise.

Wait, so I can jump into other people’s roleplays?
Yes. Feel free to comment on anything any writer posts in any area. In fact, we encourage it. The best way to get involved is to start interacting, and the more people you interact with, the more likely you are to have people follow your roleplays. Please respect the other authors, though. If they say that the roleplay is getting too far away from their intended plot, back off a little bit. As long as you do this, the other writers will be more willing to respect your plots when you are roleplaying. The moderators will also be looking to make sure posters are not continuing to steer plots without the writers’ permission.

What do the different posting colors stand for?
Around a person’s username when the post you may see different colors. Their meanings are as follows:
Yellow: Admin
Green: Mod
Purple: Author
Grey: Character

I’m still a bit lost. Help!
The best suggestion we can give is to start observing how the other writers roleplay and reading through some of the posts. You can also ask questions in chat or leave questions below.

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