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Minax Iago Corbeau

Minax Iago Corbeau
The authors are introducing themselves, despite the fact that they already know each other and it's really an unnecessary endeavor, so, why should we, the characters, be left out of all the fun~?

I'm Minax Iago Corbeau, son of Andras, marquis of hell and commander of thirty legions of demons, known for immediately killing those who summon him. This, of course, means that I am nobility. ^^~

Ooh, look, we're on the same forum as our authors now~ it's almost as if there's no more fourth wall. <3 Does that mean we can attack and harass the authors directly now? I think I like this very much.

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Audrey Grey

Audrey Grey
Do I really need to introduce myself? I guess it is fun to break the fourth wall and do things that bug author, though I have a feeling she'll find this "fun."

Anyway...My name's Audrey Hiari Grey. I'm the daughter of the Master, Harold Grey, and I'm not exactly proud of it, so let's move on. Um...I'm a Regenerator, which means I can heal myself and others, and I'll still be alive when the sun explodes and after that. Fun, right? Yeah...If you know me, don't always expect that I'll know you, because I kind of was stupid enough to have my memories erased about a year ago. I don't always remember everything and everyone. Then...there's some things I'm trying to forget. Think that's about it. Oh, and I hope to continue torturing my author on these forums. I'm pretty sure torturing her is the only joy I get out of life.

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Vance Sandford

Vance Sandford
My name is Vance Sandford, and like my photo album said, I'm the greatest man in all of Mahvie. I'm better than all the women, too. I'm very good at growing beards, which you will all see later.

My family owns the Sandford Corporation which owns most the railroads and trains on this continent. I don't want to spend too much time talking about work, especially here.

I like gingers (especially ones that are in their teens) and identical twins the most of any girls. However, I like basically any, except the ugly ones. I do not like my brothers, because they're assholes. My sister is a whore and I don't like her either.

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Leonard King

Leonard King
This is actually a really good idea. About time all of us are on the same plane. bounce

Hi, I'm Leonard King. I'm twenty years old, and I'm a Private in the 1st Infantry Division on the US Army. I really don't want to be here. I was drafted fresh out of high school, and I can't wait to go home. I miss my family, and I don't want to kill anyone else.

I'm fluent in both English and German, and in theory, I'm the translator for my squad. But I'm not really trusted with the prisoners, not after I snuck some extra food and blankets to a German boy back in Normandy. Captors and captives aren't allowed to be friends, after all. They had me kill the boy, but they still don't trust me with any new Germans.

Well, that and the fact that they all think I'm nuts. There's something about me, I don't know how, or why, but starting this summer, I can see and speak with ghosts, including the ghost of the German boy I killed. But since no one else can see them, a lot of the other soldiers can watch me hold a whole conversation with nobody. I try to be careful about it, but it's gotten to the point where I'm afraid of getting discharged. But the ghosts are telling me that they need my help, especially the little German boy, who's afraid that his family will starve. And I still have an obligation to them, don't I?

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Zacchaeus Kimball Jr.

My name is Zacchaeus Kimball Jr. but I go by ZJ because my full name is long and it's my father's. Right now I'm only eleven, but that's because my author moved the plot back and soon I should be older again. At least I hope so because I don't get to do anything fun right now and the only "important" character that I know so far is my father, who I hate. I live in Moviah City, Moviah which is amazing.

Later I marry a woman named Bee Mercer, who is kind of crazy, and we have some kids together. One of them is named Persephone and she's my little princess. I would mention the others, too, but my author is thinking about renaming a lot of them, so sadly most of them do not have names right now. I also have two or three siblings but my author is also rethinking things when it comes to them.

Oh and Vance is obviously not the best man in Mahvie and most of us hate him and his stupid brothers.

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Persephone Kimball

My name is Persephone Kimball (or Sandford or Mercer depending on where author is in the story). I'm the daughter of ZJ Kimball and Bee Mercer. I hate my mother because she is a crazy bitch who has tried to kill me multiple times, but I love my dad. I don't understand why he ever wanted anything to do with my mother. He could do better and basically anyone is better than my mother.

I'm actually a citizen of both Sokania and Moviah since my father is Movian. I've never actually lived in Moviah though, but one day I would like to because that country is amazing. It is so much better than both Sokania and Levansha. Moviah City is probably my favorite place in the whole world.

My best friend in the world is my little sister Demi. We're less than one year apart and we do basically everything together. We're actually only half-sisters, but that doesn't matter and I actually like her more than any of my full sisters, even if I love them, too. Overall I have like seventeen siblings, but most of them are over half and most of them are my mom's. My mom's crazy so she had a ton of kids, even though she is the worst mother.

Even though Demi is a Sandford, I don't like most of the other ones (besides Cameron). They're creepy especially Vance and his brother who is always staring at me for some reason.

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